Our Privacy Policy


Thanks for stopping by. Our Privacy Policy is here to show you how we handle your info at Treat Acne For Life. This bit’s all about what we do with the details you share with us and how you can have a say in it all. This policy’s just for our stuff, not for other sites or apps we don’t own. It even covers when you give us a shout offline, like on the phone or at events.


By sticking around and using our services, you’re saying, “Yep, I get it. This policy works for me.” Got questions? Shoot us an email at admin@treatacneforlife.com. 


Here’s the Lowdown:


Just for Learning: Our site’s here to teach you stuff about tackling acne. It’s not meant to swap out real advice from your doc or health guru.


Your Info, Your Rules: We talk about the kinds of info we gather, from the stuff you tell us to the bits we pick up automatically or from other places.


You Decide: You’ve got choices about the info you share and how we use it. Read up to know your options.



Information We Collect


Depending on how you hang out with us, we might collect info straight from you, automatically, or from other spots.


Info You Give Us


When you dive into our services, like making an account or dropping feedback, you’re sharing info with us. That could be your name, email, or even what you think about our services. If you decide to share, here’s what might come our way:


Contact Details: Like your name, email, and where you live.

Your Account Stuff: Login details and what you’re into.

A Bit About You: Things like your birthday or if you’re married.

What You Buy: Your order details, including payment info.

Your Thoughts: Any reviews or comments you post.

Chats and More: If you email us or chat on social media, that’s info too.

Your Pics and More: If you let our apps peek at your photos or other stuff on your device.

Health Bits: Only if you’re okay sharing this — like your medical history or what appointments you need.

Where You’re At: We might figure out where you are or get super specific if you’re okay with it.

Other Stuff: Like if you fill out a form with us.


If you don’t share, some things on our site might not work for you. Like, without an email, no account for you.


Info We Get Without Asking


Just by being here, some info gets picked up automatically:

Your Device Details: Like what kind of phone or computer you’re on.

How You Use Our Services: What you look at and for how long.

Where You Are: Based on your internet address or if you let us know directly.


We use cookies (they’re like internet breadcrumbs) to make all this work better for you.


Info From Other Places


Sometimes, we get a little extra info about you from other sources. That could be from other sites you use, your credit history, or even your friends list on social media.



How We Use Your Info


We use what we learn about you to keep our services running smooth, make things more interesting for you, and to chat about stuff you might like. Also, to keep things safe and follow the law.


Cookies and Stuff


Cookies: Little internet notes that help remember you and your preferences.

Analytics: We check out how you use our site to make it better. You can tell some tools, like Google Analytics, not to track you.


By sticking around, you’re cool with how we handle things. If you’re not, you might not get the full experience. But hey, it’s your call.


Thanks for getting the gist of how we handle privacy. We’re here to make your journey to clearer skin easier, always keeping your info safe.